Dr. Marnie Bauer interviewed by Natalie Taylor on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend. Watch as they discuss how to rejuvenate your smile this summer and introduce the ‘She Smiles’ Program, a give-back toward women in our community!

Dr. Marnie Bauer Featured on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend to Introduce the “She Smiles” Program

Tampa, FL – June 20, 2023

Introducing Dr. Marnie Bauer’s ‘She Smiles’ Program, an annual give-back with the goal of rejuvenating a smile for free.

Dr. Marnie Bauer, renowned for her commitment to oral health and the community’s well-being, took the spotlight on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend to discuss the importance of smile care and introduce her give-back program, “She Smiles.” The segment shed light on Dr. Bauer’s dedication to transforming lives through the gift of a radiant smile.

Dr. Marnie Bauer is a cosmetic and general dentist whose practice, Marnie Bauer D.M.D and Associates, is located in South Tampa, Fl. Specializing in smile rejuvenation, she understands the transformative process of regaining one’s smile and the confidence boost that comes with it. With patients coming to through her door, from all walks of life, she decided to give-back in a way only dentists can.

During her appearance on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, Dr. Bauer shared insights into her mission to give back to the community by providing a remarkable opportunity—a complete smile makeover of dreams. One applicant, carefully chosen by Dr. Bauer’s expert team, will have the chance to experience a life-changing transformation.

To learn more and to apply for the “She Smiles” program and learn more about eligibility criteria, interested parties can visit SheSmilesFL.com.

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