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Dental Crown

There are two types of dental restorations: direct and indirect.

Direct restorations are fillings placed immediately into a prepared cavity in a single visit. They include resin composite fillings. The dentist prepares the tooth, places the filling, and adjusts it during one appointment.

Indirect restorations generally require two or more visits. They include inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, and bridges fabricated with gold alloys, ceramics, composites, or inlay/onlay. During the first visit, the dentist prepared the tooth and makes an impression of the area to be restored. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory, which creates the dental restoration. At the next appointment, the dentist cements the restoration into the prepared tooth and adjusts it as needed.

What is a crown and why do I need one?

A crown is a dental restoration that covers or “caps” a tooth to restore it to its normal shape, size, and function. Its purpose is to strengthen or improve the appearance of a tooth. A crown can:

  • restore a tooth when there isn’t enough tooth remaining to provide support for a large filling
  • attach a bridge to replace the missing teeth
  • protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  • restore a fractured tooth
  • cover a badly shaped or discolored tooth
  • cover a dental implant

What is it made from?

The look and function of a crown are considered when choosing the material most suitable for you. Dr. Bauer will consider the tooth location, the position of the gum tissue, the amount of tooth that shows when you smile, the color or shade of the tooth, and the function of the tooth.

Dr. Bauer always considers aesthetics and function when fabricating a crown. In the front of the mouth, she will place all-ceramic crowns, as they are the most natural in appearance. In the back of the mouth, she will evaluate your bite and then decide which type of material is best for you.

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