Our Technology


A new direction in comfort
Dr. Bauer wants you to have the most comfortable experience possible. It’s a commitment that begins when you walk in the door and extends long after you leave. Now there’s an advancement that redefines this possibility if you’re one of the many who dislike lingering numbness from local anesthesia.

Introducing OraVerse™
OraVerse™ is the first and only product of its kind to rapidly reverse the effects of your local dental anesthetic. It is scientifically proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation and function following routine dental procedures.

This breakthrough changes your measure of comfort by creating an easy and expedient return to your normal activities. And for parents, there is added peace of mind in knowing children will regain normal feeling more quickly with OraVerse.

It’s about time

  • Proven safe and effective for adults and children aged 6 and older and weighing 33 lbs. or more.
  • Accelerates the reversal of the lingering soft tissue numbness associated with the most widely-used local anesthetics available in the United States.
  • Rapidly restores normal function so patients can speak, smile and drink normally in approximately half the time.
  • Easy to use – a simple injection with a standard dental syringe, just like local anesthetic.

Your return to normal
The average duration of soft tissue numbness following the use of a local dental anesthetic is 3-5 hours, producing a prolonged loss of oral function and sensation. OraVerse is administered by Dr. Bauer immediately following a procedure, allowing for a return to normal sensation and function in about half the time.

And that’s time you can put back in your day, doing what you want to do without limitations.

It’s proven
The active ingredient in OraVerse is phentolamine mesylate, a drug used in other medical applications for the past 50 years. And now the safety and effectiveness of OraVerse have been successfully demonstrated through clinical trials involving pediatric, adolescent and adult patients ages 4 through 92.

⇒Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras are an easy and convenience way to take videos and high-quality color images of the mouth. Dr. Bauer uses the device to diagnose fractures the naked eye would never have seen and to help solve the patients’ biggest problem, which is to accept treatment for conditions that they often do not understand. With an intraoral digital camera, Dr. Bauer is able to effortlessly educate the patient of their condition by allowing you to see and visualize what she sees.

⇒Digital Radiography

Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging, where digital x-ray sensors are used instead of the traditional photographic film. The benefits and advantages from digital radiology are enormous and includes time efficiency, the use of less radiation, images can be taken, previewed, examined, deleted and corrected immediately and the ability to transfer and apply special image processing techniques that enhances the overall display of the image. Digital radiology reduces costs associated with processing, managing and storing films. In addition, the digital x-ray image can be given to the patient on a compact disk to take for their records and can be saved as part of the patient’s medical record.

⇒Endodontic Rotary Instrumentation

Endodontic rotary instrumentation is a modern way to perform root canals therapy and allows for better cleansing of canals, faster root canal treatments and a better prognosis. This treatment is a valuable defense against tooth loss, since it is an alternative to extraction of the infected teeth. Dr. Bauer uses this instrument to instantly and accurately remove the infected pulp within the canal in order to save the tooth. If the tooth needs added support, she will place a post in the canal and secure it with dental cement to add strength and cover the tooth with a dental crown to protect it. Moreover, Dr. Bauer offer advanced techniques in sedation dentistry to enhance root canal therapy and other general dentistry treatments, so patients can receive needed dental care with minimal discomfort and stress.