Dr. Marnie Bauer Featured on CBS Tampa Bay’s “Beautiful People” With Jabari Thomas

Tampa, FL –  September 28, 2023

Dr. Marnie Bauer shares her personal journey and mission that drives her to give-back to the community on CBS Tampa Bay’s “Beautiful People”.


Dr. Marnie Bauer shares early lessons with her mother, a commitment to her dental practice, and her passion project – She Smiles. She Smiles aims to restore confidence in women who “…need a break, they need need a hug, or maybe they were fearful or they didn’t have the dental work as children…”. The program is designed to for those requiring full mouth restoration, offering a $10,000 complete smile make-over.

This year’s application pool was heart-warming. With 30 application received, the selection process was challenging. Jackey Haywood, a two time cancer survivors, stood out. Her husband nominated her and was the sole husband to do so. He emphasized her selfless dedication to her family, which had led to her own well being neglected. Dr. Bauer and her team are excited to embark on this smile journey with her.

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She Smiles Winner 2023

She Smiles Winner – Jackey Haywood and Her Husband, Ray Haywood


Dr. Marnie Bauer said, “It’s to instill hope and confidence in women that need a break, they need a hug, or maybe they were fearful or they didn’t have the dental work as children and this was geared for a candidate who needed full mouth restoration.”

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