“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Bauer and her staff. My life has changed as a result of the expert care I received from Dr. Bauer. Prior to meeting her, I was diagnosed with oral cancer. I was treated with radiation, chemo therapy and surgery. The treatment required removal of portions of my jaw and teeth. This affected how I chewed food and swallowed. My remaining teeth began to shift, and my ability to chew food deteriorated. My speech began to change and I was developing a lisp. I could not eat in public places and was relying on liquids for most of my calories. I felt my situation was hopeless. Dr Bauer carefully realigned my remaining teeth, allowing me to chew efficiently. My speech improved, as did my confidence, allowing me to eat in public places. I am truly grateful for the life changing care I received from Dr. Bauer and her staff.”
Blaise, patient

“I just want to give you a heart felt thank you for all the fine dental work you’ve done for me. I was happy to meet you and all of your staff. Dr. Bauer, you have an amazing practice. Everyone made me feel so comfortable with my extensive procedures. Again I thank you for making my life better. I love my new look. You all are the best”

Etel, patient